The New Samsung Galaxy S7 to be launch this year

South Korean media announced that the next Galaxy S series phone will be launched in the second half of 2015.


Just a few months after launching the S6 and S6 Galaxy edge when the first information about the next flagship from Samsung. Until now, that information had emerged Galaxy Note 5 will appear earlier than usual, before the next iPhone, but South Korean media announced that Galaxy S7 will be launched to compete with the next iPhone.

Of course, this information is not confirmed and has a big question mark. Those from Newsis, a publication from South Korea quoting inside sources who say that Samsung has started work on the next Galaxy S7 2-3 months earlier than scheduled.
Samsung has launched in recent years new flagship Galaxy S series in the first quarter, but that has already begun the first part of the development would allow South Korean company to launch by the end of the phone. If information comes true newspaper in Korea, will be the first time Samsung launches two Galaxy S series phones in the same year.
Given that Samsung usually work a 12-month cycle, this rumor is harder to digest, but the motivation behind such a decision makes sense. Newsis writes that Samsung is changing the mode of development of flagship to respond better to the Apple iPhone series, thus providing a powerful alternative to the end. Besides Grades 5 and Galaxy S7, it talks a lot about the launch of the Galaxy S6 larger versions edge, called Galaxy S6 Plus edge.
The news comes shortly after new predictions regarding your flagship from Samsung is that it will sell 45 million units of Galaxy S6 and S6 edge until the end.

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