Apple prepares to release the first flexible Iphone to win the battle with Samsung

In the near future, Apple consider to release the first flexible Iphone. 

According to the Business Korea, Apple contacted the manufacturers of flexible displays, including Samsung and LG, for future iPhones. Citing industry sources, Korea claims that Apple Business is serious in preparing a current iPhone to rival LG G Flex and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge.

Such a move would cause Apple to move to OLED panels, a technology that Apple uses only moments Watch. Given that Apple has recently received approval for the telephone more flexible, this news is not surprising.

However, such a phone will not be released anytime soon. According to the source of the Business of Korea, the iPhone would be released only after 3 years.

“It is very likely that the first flexible iPhone to be unveiled in 2018, the distributors of displays to Apple you are working on this,” he says.

Apparently, the LG distributors would be elected South Korean manufacturer producing increasing curved and flexible displays.

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