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Coolest Gadgets – Razer Project Valerie

HERE ARE PLENTY of crazy things at CES that will come to market, things like washing machines that contain secondary washing machines and brand-new boomboxes with cassette decks. But the craziest things you see at the show have no chance being in stores anytime soon. Not that it matters: They’re showpieces for companies to strut their stuff, and they’re a lot of fun.

Take Razer’s Project Valerie, which is a thick-as-hell concept laptop. It’s loaded with many of the same internals as the company’s insane (but very real) Razer Blade Pro.

When you’re using a laptop for doing work, playing video games, and streaming Netflix, one screen isn’t always enough. So why not include three? Razer’s Project Valerie concept does just that by adding two foldable displays that expand out from the primary screen in the center. Each display is 17 inches diagonally and supports 4K resolution, and Razer says they can be used independently or together as one giant display. The downside: it weighs 12 pounds, which isn’t unacceptable for a beefy gaming laptop but is way more than the average notebook.


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